Hannah Brown – Further Away

For people who like: Paramore, old school Katy Perry, A Fine Frenzy.

Hannah Brown is a singer/songwriter from the West Midlands. 2018 was a busy year for the artist, seeing her nominated for ‘Best folk/country’ at the Birmingham Music awards, performing at the ‘Loud in London’ festival AND releasing her third single ‘So Should You’ with producer Rob Derbyshire. Further Away is her first release of 2019 but I don’t doubt you’ll hear a lot more about Hannah this year.

Further Away is lyrically descriptive and emotionally honest featuring lines like the opening line “every decision I make, I am never happy” and “I want to change the planet but I can’t change my bed sheets”. A 20-something’s anxiety laid bare, her existential dread and inability to decide or commit. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to Further Away, and especially its hook “I just want to stay in”. In a decade where a high percentage of people under 30 are being diagnosed with anxiety and depression Hannah Brown is very much a voice of her generation.

My only critique of Further Away is that it is lacking somewhat in ‘drop’, there is a small instrumental part… but for me personally, it isn’t ‘heavy’ enough which leads to the song feeling slightly monotonous at points. That being said this is Hannah’s growth as an artist showing through, as she moves away from her previous (entirely acoustic) sound and it is well produced, expertly mastered and lyrically and vocally strong enough that it would not be out of place on any playlist containing A Fine Frenzy, Paramore, Katie Melua or Dashboard Confessional. Hannah Brown is one to watch and Further Away will definitely be on my playlist for 2019.

Overall 7.5/10. Ideal for those days when you’re fighting back your own existential dread.

Further Away will be debuted live at Hare and Hounds in Birmingham on February 7th and will be available on general release on Feb. 8th.

Get your tickets for the release party here!

Jasmin Salmon

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