Hannah Searle – How Could You Be OK?

Why has no one written this song before?  How many of us have experienced this situation – you’ve been dumped, you feel like death, and you spot your ex out and about and they look totally fine?  Bravo Hannah for giving a voice to all of us who are currently residing in Dumpsville – population: YOU! It’s no fun, of course, but at least we can now sing along to this little number and draw a degree of consolation in the realisation – you are not alone.

Hannah, naturally, sounds as wounded as you might expect. Her sweet vocal redolent with pain during the verse, “I was lying on the floor next to your door” builds to an explosive and heart-breaking “how could you be OK, when I still feel this way?” It’s a crescendo of emotion, a rollercoaster of heartbreak – Hannah has captured the experience in a power-pop banger in masterly style.

Hanna Searl is described in her bio as “as a singer/songwriter based in LA with a passion for pizza and 90s girl anthems”. Pop music, heartbreak and pizza were made for each other.

Terri Lee