Harico – Curl

I’ve long held the opinion that whilst American bands can completely nail angst, it takes a certain nuance to capture melancholy on record that’s a peculiarly more British talent. If I’ve lost you, just compare Nirvana to The Smiths for a second and it should become clear.

New Street Records latest signing Harico do a wonderful job of proving this theory true with their brand new single Curl.

It’s a four minute slice of tight rhythms, wiry guitars and twinkling synths that somehow manages the dexterous trick of being musically dense whilst breezing through your ears like the “tender air” in the lyrics.

The instrumentation is charmingly upbeat, disguising the brooding paranoia of words Morrisey would be proud of, while the deadpan verses build to an understated delight of a chorus. Falsetto backing vocals hammer the hooks home, in a beautifully ragtag way.

It’s one of those wonderful tunes that sounds like it was written in five minutes until you realise it’s actually a deft, perfectly structured piece of post punk guitar pop.

It all comes to a head with a gorgeous bridge: the synths bubble up in the mix, the guitars slow down and it all goes a bit Stone Roses circa Sally Cinnamon, breathy vocals head up front and center before a jangly outro that could be straight off of the C86 compilation finishes the proceedings.

Ones to watch for sure.

Owen Huws