HIDE – Chainsaw

‘Chainsaw’, the opening track of HIDE’s forthcoming second album ‘Hell Is Here’ is no easy listen. But then given the content matter of the lyrics it’s not meant to be. In fact the lyrics aren’t lyrics in the traditional sense. Instead they are a collection of verbal abuse said to the band members whilst on the street, often while in the company of a child.

Screamed over a repetitive industrial fuzz you are forced to take note of what is being said. What’s even more powerful is the accompanying video which contains still images of people who were raped and killed in 2018.

Given that the message of this song is far more important than anything I can say, I’ve decided to end this review with just the ‘lyrics’.

Hey baby
I said hey baby
Are you deaf?
What’s the matter?
You too good for me?
You’re too ugly for me anyways
How much?
Fuck you then
Fuck you then

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