Inhaler – Ice Cream Sundae

Dublin quartet Inhaler today release their fist song on Polydor Records, ‘Ice Cream Sundae’. It’s a catchy indie pop song with 80’s synths and a sad pop feel.

In fact it’s not just the synths that have the 80’s vibes. The song as a whole sounds like it could easily fit on the soundtrack to a coming of age movie from that era. Probaly something with Molly Ringwald in it. The track is very easy on the ears and singer Elijah Hewson’s vocals sail smoothly over the top of the music. There is nothing to dislike about the song.

“It’s about loss and gain,” says Hewson. “I like writing about normal teenage experiences that everybody can relate to. I’m just trying to write about the joy of being alive, being a teenager, and the bad things that can come with that.” 

Inhaler play The Castle & Falcon on October 11th. If you like ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ then get yourself along and see them live. Tickets here.

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