Interview – Raw Sound TV

Candid @ RawSound TV

RawSound TV are doing a lot of great things for the local music scene in the West Midlands, giving acts exposure they wouldn’t otherwise get. Founder Mark Piddington kindly took time to answer our questions.

Indie Midlands: When did RawSound TV start?

RawSound TV: RawSound TV was started by myself from an idea I had in my kitchen in June 2017. Completely self funded, we have produced 42 shows since, featuring over 80 bands and artists from all over the Midlands and beyond.

Mark Piddington

Indie Midlands: Who are the people behind RawSound TV and how did it come about?

RawSound TV: I am grateful to have a small but dedicated team who are all passionate about RawSound TV and what we do. I edit and produce the show and present it along with Danielle Clarke, who is also our resident in-house photographer and keeps our Instagram page looking great. Andrea Campone is our Assistant Producer and helps with much of the organising for the show (it can be like herding cats at times!). Clint Marney who, along with Andrea have been with me since the start. Clint is one of our 2 talented camera men (along with Jack Fellows). He also manages our Web Site and originally set up our Social Media presence. James Connolly is our Sound Engineer and has been with us since the end of the first series and does a great job on the desk. This is all done on a volunteered basis in our spare time outside of work or studying.

The show is influenced by some of the iconic live music TV shows of the past, shows like The Word, The Tube, and The Old Grey Whistle Test all provide inspiration for what we do. Shows like this don’t seem to exist these days so we feel we are filling a void.

Karkosa @ RawSound TV

Indie Midlands: How do you select the acts you bring in to the studio, are you open to any genre of music?

RawSoundTV: Yes, very much so, we are open to any genre of music. Bands and artists are encouraged to contact us via our website and we select from there. We don’t let our own personal tastes dictate who we have on and we try to mix things up a little so the audience get something of everything and hopefully will discover new music they wouldn’t otherwise have done. We only film 2 bands per session and have 10 episodes per series so it may take a little while from submission to appearance.

Indie Midlands: Can you talk a little about the studio you record in?

RawSound TV: Glass Onion Recording Studio is a fully kitted out facility owned by myself. Established in 2003 in the heart of Birmingham, I have recorded many bands and singers there since.  The studio is given free for the show and at present, as the show is self funded, this is the one cost that would have meant RawSound TV would not have got off the ground.  The studio is available for hire – for booking contact us at our website.

Indie Midlands: Your website also advertises that you can shoot videos for artists. Can you talk a little bit about the services you offer?

RawSound TV: Yes, we offer a wide range of audio visual services, including music videos, filming and recording live performances alongside demos and traditional recording. Just send us your requirements!

RawSound TV

Indie Midlands: What’s in the future for RawSound TV?

RawSound TV: The future for RawSound TV is to continue doing what we are doing as previously mentioned, to support the Midlands music scene, giving new and unsigned bands the platform to perform that they wouldn’t normally have access to. At present, the show is completely self funded, so in order to continue and grow, our immediate aim is to secure sponsorship or funding ideally from local businesses but we’re open to offers from anyone, anywhere! Drop us a line if you know anyone!