Jackie Mendoza – Mucho Más

With her Californian and Mexican influences Jackie Mendoza has shown her versatility since the ukelele-enviro-folk strumming of ‘Closer’ in 2016. ‘Islands’ was all broad electro beats and complexity of percussion and now we have two tracks from her forthcoming collection ‘LoveHz’, due to be released very soon.

First came the dreamy pop of ‘Seahorse’, where the amorphous structure of treated sounds and distant echoing vocals along with water noises drifted in and out to hauntingly melancholic effect….

….and now the new direction of ‘Mucho Más’. With an ambiguity of meanings (including ‘much more’) the phrase is hypnotically repeated over combinations of pulsing rhythms, sinister treatments of instrument sounds, deeper voices and a gradually building competing clash of a dominating high part-tune and the enveloping wave of synthesiser textures.

Jackie’s sensual, playful delivery of the vocal is the bond that holds the track together; a three minute heady addictive concoction that never loses its impact.

Mike Wright