Jackson Davies – In The Morning

There’s more than a hint of the 60’s in ‘In The Morning’. Heck it even has a quaint touch of pitch wobble as if you were playing this on an old Dansette.  The lilting beat is pure ‘Day Dream Believer’ and the chord changes are ‘Rubber Soul’ era Beatles. Davies’ multi-tracked vocals swoon in a descending musical motif that any self respecting vocal group from the golden age of pop would swap their Brylcreem for. “I’m not ready to give, just wait for the morning, baby.” The lyrics are amusing and playfully ambiguous.

Creative touches of guitar and keyboard pull ‘In The Morning’ right back into the 21st century and provide colour and contrast. There is something undeniably timeless in the songs chorus that will have you singing along – even if, like me, you’re not a morning person.

Terri Lee