Japanese Television – Slime

Japanese Television have a growing reputation for producing solid groove mini-masterpieces of psychedelic mind-blowing freak-out tunes. Tunes that cascade in from altered dimensions and transport you to a different plane. ‘Slime’ continues the formula and hypnotises with a simple synth-tune groove and throws you off kilter with an off-beat drum rhythm.

Part movie soundtrack, part dance-trance mind-fuck. You may not get what Japanese Television are about on first listen, but stick with it. A few listens and you may find that its the kind of music that seeps into your consciousness and gets under your skin without you knowing it.

The band played a gig for Indie Midlands earlier this year at The Sunflower Lounge and impressed all those in attendance. Later on they were able to lift objects with their minds’. OK they weren’t but it was great stuff by all accounts. Peace out!

Terri Lee

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