La Dharma – Need Me to Know You

La Dharma

Need Me to Know You is the debut EP from West Midland four-piece La Dharma. Long awaited by followers of the band with the two leading singles having been released back in October and November.

Need Me to Know You is wonderfully immersive and has a consistency between tracks that creates a story in your mind. La Dharma beautifully craft their music with emotive vocals, synths that add depth, complementary guitar hooks and a rhythm section that makes you want to dance through every track. Even the softest moments throughout still make you want to throw your arms up in a surrender to the dancefloor.

The lead singles ‘Sirens’ and ‘Perfume’ add to their repertoire of indie pop anthems following previous releases ‘Devil In a Tight Dress’ and ‘She’. Need Me to Know You builds the state around these tracks. The opening song ‘Kaleidoscope’ really emphasises this, setting the scene for the rest of the EP. The title track ‘Need Me to Know You’ is more mellowed out than the other singles, providing contrast from the rest of the EP and preventing it from stagnating. The EP ends with the beautifully stripped back ‘Conscious Mind’. With most of the focus on Leedham’s vocals, a simple accompaniment makes the song feel very personal with the second line of the song “best friend’s with the ghost of a monster that I’ve not seen in months” – a tribute to the familiar feeling of being unable to let someone go. This track really draws attention to the ability of La Dharma as song writers that are really able to craft something so complementary to the themes throughout their songs.

Ending softly on the unaccompanied line “we’re all messed up” Need Me To Know You really leaves you wanting more. The EP as a whole offers a salute to The 1975 and Blossoms with a subtle nod to indie rock bands such as Catfish and The Bottlemen.

Catch La Dharma supporting Ivory Wave at the BBC Introducing Showcase on the 31st May at the Castle and Falcon!

Aphra Smith

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