Las Nubes – SMVT

Get ready to be immersed in the magical, subterranean world of Miami noise trio Las Nubes. This debut effort from Ale Campos, Emile Milgrim and Nina Caroline is full of catchy garage melodies performed in both English and Spanish.

From the opening track ‘Still Growing’ there’s an effortless cool to the lo-fi production, snarling riffs, and chunky bass hooks. 90s alt-rock influences are at the forefront of each track but the clever time changes, and multi tonal harmonies, give the trio an authentic sound that makes them stand out from the crowd.

There’s surprising depth to this debut effort with snarling aggro-punk tracks like ‘Hellbag’ and ‘Deposit Slip’ sat amongst down-beat ballads like ‘Allusions’ and ‘Tired of Trying’. The girls luxurious harmonies are delightful in the chorus of ‘COLD’ which bleeds with melancholy and heartache. Fans of The Breeders will find themselves in good hands here.

‘SMVT’ is full of punchy 2 and 3 minute songs that seem to finish as quickly as they start. The exception is fuzz-drenched ‘QSW’ an exquisite piece of song-craft with vocals enticingly delivered in Spanish. The two minute instrumental build up adds to the tantalising thrill of the track, which capitalises on the use of surprising tempo changes, false stops, and glittering hooks. This song will stay with you long after the album has finished.

With such well crafted songs it’s no surprise that the trio are already being streamed through local distributors, as well as being courted by The Miami New Times. Las Nubes have already opened for Shonen Knife, Casket Girls, Sheer Mag, Institute, Jens Lekman, and Torche and will undoubtedly be selling out their release show on 13 JUNE at The Bridge , Miami.

Las Nubes ‘SMVT’ is out June 14th 2019 On Sweat Records Records. Pre-order here.

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