LISA – Fumes

LISA has returned with her latest single Fumes, released on May 17th, and this track seems very personal from the Montreal born artist. With strong sounds that reminisce the classic 70s, John Lennon drum sound and that of a retro bubble-gum pop song, this then coupled with a distinctive indie sound makes this track difficult to dislike.

The narrative seeming all about self-reflection and the idea of running on empty, it is a song which reflects all the questions you battle when at a personal low or at a loss of direction. LISA as an eclectic artist really manages to grasp a very nostalgic sound, making this track instantly relatable. The heavy tone, yet simplistic lyrics which is then coupled with a melodic bass and heavy drums is what really makes this single, by giving it that variety but making it seem so effortless.

It seems as though LISA has really started to establish her own sense of style and sound with this latest release, taking inspiration from sounds of the 60s and 70s, and it is refreshing to hear. For me, the word that comes to mind at first listen is ‘bittersweet’, the track juxtaposing itself with a catchy, almost upbeat melody then combined with this dark, self-reflective tone and it works so well – can’t wait to hear more from LISA.

Ellie-Mae Fenn

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