Live Review – Bloxx @ The Sunflower Lounge


The Sunflower Lounge

Review by SdM


On the second date of their first headline tour Bloxx stirred up an electrifying Saturday night at The Sunflower Lounge. Heaving and boisterous would be one way to describe the crowd. Mostly under 30 is another. Rarely have I seen so many people hoisted on shoulders, or bouncing off each other in a frenzy of good-spirited craziness. The Bloxx party was well and truly in the house.

They open with ‘Sea Blue’ with its appropriate lyric for October, “Take a look outside, you know it’s getting colder” (Amen, sister!). The song powers along with a wonderful balance of angst and longing tempered with a centre-piece coo-ing sing-along chorus that is instantly recognisable and catchy. ‘Monday’ thumps along in a stirring and enjoyably downcast manner as Fee’s (Ophelia) vocals soar with tortured anguish and impassioned ire.

The wistfulness continued: “This song’s called ‘Coke’,” said Fee with playful glint, “it’s not about Pepsi.” Er, no comment.

‘Hey Jenny’ from the forthcoming album lightens the mood with a carefree  swing. ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Second Opinion’ thrill with great guitar soloing and dramatic drum thumping.

Bloxx are unashamedly aiming at a certain demographic with ‘Go Out With You’. Any audience contingent into their third decade or more might balk at the rather syrupy love-struck theme. But to be fair, the longing and heart-break in Fee’s vocal is delivered with such charming sincerity it just about falls the right side of enjoyable, even if it is the slimmest of their tunes.

‘Headspace’, ‘You’ and the appropriately titled set-closer ‘Curtains’ were right back on track however – absolute huge tunes by anyone’s measure. The audience were roused to even greater heights with booming choruses and space for unified hand clapping and singing along to every word. Bloxx pushed the atmosphere positively stratospheric over a scintillating 50 minutes with barely a pause for breath.

Contemporaries Anteros do pop with sparkle, glamour and glitz, and Orchards do pop with charismatic humour and tricksy cleverness but Bloxx do pop with a glorous anthemic stomp. Barely a moment goes by without an huge infectious air-punching sing-along that simultaneously pulls at the heart-strings and gets the blood pumping.  Be in no doubt, Bloxx roxx!