Live Review – Sketch @ The Sunflower Lounge


The Sunflower Lounge

Review by Oliver Tuzzio


It’s a younger crowd that fills the basement of The Sunflower Lounge, a few shuffling their feet and nodding their heads to the beat of the DJ ready for the night ahead and eagerly awaiting tonight’s performance.

Pretty Vile are the first to take the stage, a duo hailing from Coventry. One smash of the drum and the crowd goes absolutely ballistic, pushing, shoving and jumping amid a sea of arms aimlessly being flung around like no tomorrow.

The stage does not contain them and they are soon thrashing the guitar and shouting their simple but raw punk lyrics amongst their fans. They’re confident and exuberant as they get the audience to chant along with them “If you never try, you’ll never be”.

Frank & Beans, the two piece punk outfit hit us with hard riffs and even harder drums that you can’t help nodding your head to, with more vigour as each beat shoots through you. Those with weak hearts should turn around now as the lights that flash along with the rhythm of ‘Hugo’ is enough to give anyone a seizure. Their songs don’t carry a lot of lyrics but you really don’t need them, The attitude and hard hitting beats are more than enough!

Now we come to the finale, nobody is quite done yet and there is still a lot of energy in the room as Sketch climb on stage. Another Midlands based band made up with an endless energy, they are a mix of ‘The Buzzcocks’ and ‘that’ 2006 Indie sound. With songs such as ‘Fugly’ and ‘My Girlfriend’s a Vampire’ there is not one of the audience that is still. It’s wild, sweaty and even the photographer is having difficulty getting shots amid the ferocious admirers at the very front of the stage.

As they prepare everyone for their last song ‘Do You Love Me Yet?’ they want to keep the energy up, the night is not over! It doesn’t take much encouragement to get everyone dancing again as the vocals, guitars and drums become louder and harder until eventually the lead singer throws his guitar down and goes into a complete rage down the microphone, wild eyed and spitting lyrics capturing the very essence of punk.

The entire night has been a complete orgy of sound and there was no escape from it. All you can do is jump right in and get involved, light a cigarette at the end of it all and say ‘fuck that was good’!

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