Live Review – Victors @ The Castle & Falcon


The Castle & Falcon

Review by SdM


Leeds band Victors made their way to the Castle & Falcon for their first ever gig in the land of ‘a thousand trades’ and ‘more canals than Venice’. For any band trying to gain some traction on the live scene this is the real graft: travelling a fair distance to be first on the bill; play a half hour set to the ‘early-birds’ wandering in, drinks in hand. It is to the band’s credit that those that did walk in not only stayed to hear the rest of the set but grew increasingly vocal in their appreciation.

Victors’ array of finely crafted self-penned tunes are unmistakably pop but have a distinct edge of quality. It is that ‘factor’ that certain TV ‘talent’ shows are desperate to obtain but so often miss. The opening songs ‘Slow Down’ and ‘I Think About You Every Night’ sparkle with upbeat energy and vibrancy. The layers of guitars and synths inject a dazzling inventive verve. Both songs are catchy dance-floor fillers with a timeless appeal: these songs could have been a hit anytime in the 80’s, 90’s or 2000’s.

The slower paced ‘I’ve Been Missing You’ adds a jazz inflected blue-eyed-soul to the mix allowing Harry Waterhouse’s fine vocal performance to be appreciated. Latest release ‘Craving’ blends in a touch of retro R&B finesse. Beanie hatted Harry’s impassioned falsetto soared over a slow waltz-beat and wash of atmospheric synths.

Set closer ‘Holding On’ brought us back toward mainstream pop but this time with a hint of mid period U2 echoing guitar. It wrapped up an impressive set that garnered much appreciation from the audience. It could well be that for Victors this was the first of many visits to Brum.