Middle Space – Do Not Trust Robots

Middle Space are a five-piece band from the West Midlands, specialising in psychedelic indie pop. They’ve been actively producing music since 2016 and it shows; with them perfecting the alchemy of their new ‘Do Not Trust Robots’ EP.

The opening, and title, track begins like an interlude. A voiceover over the top of some existential-dread induced synthesising half-blends into the buzzing.

‘Cut Off’ is reminiscent of Submarine and Alex Turner’s ‘Stuck on the Puzzle’ with the crooning lyrics and muted, simple guitar background. The psychedelic jangle resurfaces in the chorus and is caressed by the velvet-smooth lyrics and vocals of Mark Tolley.

‘Pretend to Be Present’ gives off Tame Impala vibes, with an other-wordly, alien-eerie jangle. The sound is sucked away, muffled, like you’re at a party with a goldfish bowl on your head. The chorus resurfaces but gives the atmosphere of being spaced-out; a stream of consciousness.

To finish the EP is the longest track, ‘Paint by Numbers’. Initially building up a darker atmosphere with the ballad-like tune, a voiceover comes mid-way through the track, like a pilot’s announcement. The tension builds to a head, with the swirling of guitar and fading out with the crashing of waves.

‘Do Not Trust Robots shows’ a great deal of depth and texture from the quintet, as well as versality with some darker and more artistic-based ventures. It’s available for purchase on their Bandcamp page, and was released June 28th.

Ella Morriss