Mutes – Men Of Violence

If there’s one thing for sure to know about Mutes it’s that they are far from short on ideas.

New single Men of Violence starts with what very well could be the sound of The Melvins having a swift orgy with a couple of robots from outer space in next doors basement before settling down for some post coital ambience.

Then they decide actually they’d rather be playing some good old fashioned power pop, because who doesn’t love chunky power chords and multi tracked vocals right?

All of this happens in the first three minutes by the way, which isn’t even the half way point.

Throwing so much into the melting pot could, if handled less confidently, become an absolute sonic mess. Mutes however, have a lightness of touch, coming across as far more mercurial than manic.

The latter parts of the track decides to take a stroll through Floyd at their Imperial height, dips Into The Big Book of Billy Corgan Riffs (minus the Butch Vig gloss) and finally arrives, jet lagged, in New York at some art house party clutching a copy of Sonic Youth’s Sister close to its chest.

As a preview for a new record, or even a stand alone single, it’s an incredibly bold statement. The whole thing plays with fidelity as much as dynamic and there’s a real sense of nothing being off limits here. It’s an impossible song to categorise, and that’s either completely amazing or a bit of a deal breaker depending on your view point.

My advice? Jump on that ride, let’s see just where the hell they go.

Owen Huws

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