People Club – Kil Scott

The sultry cool ‘Kil Scott’ is the title track of a forth coming E.P from Berlin based five piece, People Club. The band describe the song as “… an intimate account of the inner dialogues of a gold-digger, as she waits for her decrepit husband to die.” So you won’t be hearing this between the stultifying ‘Agadoo’ and Jeff Beck’s pension-plan ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ at your next wedding reception then!

But you certainly should listen in the comfort of your home as it’s a slow-burning tempestuous little number that writhes in emotional turmoil and tortuous anxiety. Lead singer Sarah Martin’s vocal is bathed in a mix of self-doubt and self-loathing as the spacious atmospheric slow-swing beat threatens in this dark desolation of the soul.

Captivating and unsettling ‘Kil Scot’ is eerily enjoyable.

Terri Lee