People Club – Perfume

People Club have released ‘Perfume,’ the first single from upcoming EP ‘Kil Scott.’ The indie tinged heartbreak story, was inspired by a band member’s experience of coping with their parents divorce, but is told from the perspective of an anguished lover seeking affection from her partner.

Perhaps more fitting for a summer release, the sunny synths and guitar riffs, seem to rub it in our face that autumn has arrived and with it the miserable rain. The song’s bittersweet message is clearly delivered in the sound, with music driven by feeling. The song is super groovy and impressively smooth considering the entire EP was recorded live in the same room. This live sound somewhat gives us a taste for the energy they boast to produce on tour. Despite this, it does at times feel like the song needs a shot of caffeine, as if it is wearily plodding along.

The song as a whole is dreamy but precise, with breathy yet clear vocals and a driving, ethereal guitar which catch you within the story. A plucky guitar rhythm along with funk-inspired bass create a groove which keeps us just above the surface of the dream-like state created by the ambient pad sounds.

When the song breaks down in the bridge, so does the lover’s hope as she sings meaningfully “we’re never gonna make it,” followed by pretty Blossom-esque synths. This brings with it a feeling the song could soundtrack a movie scene, with the protagonist walking away in slow motion, completely heartbroken yet empowered by their pain.
The song splutters to an end, followed by a long chord, as if we are desperately hanging on, fitting perfectly with the band’s description of the story’s end: “despite the lover’s efforts, she receives no love remaining dedicated, but heartbroken forever.”

Genevieve Lily