Phil Madeley – 21st Century Witch Hunt

An enticing slice of thoughtful rock from young South London singer/songwriter Phil Madeley.

In a song packed full of lyrical ideas and images with contemporary references and wordplay like ‘….Jesus talks and walks his walk…but alienation seems to stalk….’ , he puts across a social commentary shaded with melancholy and frustration.

Musically a simple guitar figure introduces and drives the melody, leading into a chorus given extra heft by the band, who also prove their worth during a short instrumental section. After a brief respite towards the end Phil’s declaiming vocal and the descending chords give us a powerful finale.

He is at an early stage in his recording career, but Phil has already generated a reputation for his live show; his performance has drawn comparisons with Jarvis Cocker and Mick Jagger, a fascinating rock hybrid indeed.

Mike Wright

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