Phil Madeley – Same Skies

Birmingham based Phil Madeley has won many people over with his ever-growing song-writing skills and impressive live performances. He has been compared to some of the best songwriters and performers of our age, and Madeley’s debut single invites a few more. ‘Same Skies’ could be Paul Weller in his solo era of artistic freedom post Jam and Style Council; or local heroes Ocean Colour Scene after they dumped the fey and found The Faces.

‘Same Skies’ burbles with frustration and latent rage. Madeley’s voice is a compelling heartfelt croon combing the wit and edginess of Alex Turner with the aloof swagger of Liam Gallagher. The guitars carry the touching emotion as Madely thumps home his indignation in impeccable style.

On his stunning debut ,Phil explains, “Same Skies is about losing a sense of understanding in ones standing, whether that be in relationships, or politics for example. It’s about the suffering that’s caused when trying to find a middle ground in a climate of division. It’s coming from the other side fuelled by insecurity to question how hopeless it is to try and make the other person see it my way, but obviously there’s more similarities in us than there are credible points for division.”

Terri Lee