Pinky Pinky – Turkey Dinner

Pinky Pinky waste no time in establishing their unmistakably 60’s inspired sound with their debut LP. With rock n roll basslines, surfy guitar tones, and rambunctious drum fills, Turkey Dinner is an album you won’t want to miss. 

The LA based three piece kick off the LP with the single ‘My Friend Sean’. The foot tapping catchy tune ends abruptly, staying true to the band’s dramatic style. After the light harmonies and clean guitar solo of ‘Mystery Sedan’, Pinky Pinky kick it up a notch with ‘Floorboards’. The raw energy of this song resembles that of a manic episode, a quick burst of vigour with elegantly shrill vocals from drummer and singer Anastasia Sanchez. Within the first three songs of their album, the band successfully display their love of contrast between light and dark. As the album continues, the 1960’s California spirit is brought to life throughout with keys, horns and psychedelic-esque echoing guitars. Pinky Pinky’s signature sound remains strong; bassist Eva Chambers creates a solid backbone to each song, accompanied by guitarist Isabelle Fields’ sliding riffs and Sanchez’s unrelenting vocals.

The album draws to a close with lovesick themed ‘If It Didn’t Hurt’, a song conveying feelings of unrequited love, or perhaps a cold lover, with the lyrics “I will give you every part of me, would you give me just a piece of you?” and “if it didn’t hurt, would it be as good?” The track fades out, followed by the similarly themed ‘Sticking Around’. The song topic is similar – that of a relationship gone stale; inferred by lyrics “false devotion” and “idealised my own version of you, and you did it to me too”. Despite these corresponding subject matters, ‘Sticking Around’ stands out from the rest of the album with an acoustic guitar and more melancholy sentiment.

The eleventh and final track of the album ‘Loose Change’ rounds off Turkey Dinner appropriately. A striking build up of instrumental and an equally dramatic end. After the previous ten songs, the listener can expect nothing less from the big attitude Pinky Pinky love to emit. Set to release on June 14th, Turkey Dinner is a soundtrack for summer. Each song tells a story met with catchy melodies and harmonious backing vocals. Pinky Pinky do the DIY scene proud with their first album.

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Orla Crawford

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