Portobello – Money

Meshing together the likes of Fickle Friends, Marsicans and Paramore – Birmingham based six-piece Portobello are set to release new single ‘Money’ on the 17th May.

Characterised by its sun-kissed sound, the song reflects the band’s skill of perfecting the balance of buoyant tempo with Andrew and Lucy’s soulful vocals. Recorded at Park Studios (boasting a portfolio of Duran Duran and members of UB40), the track is defined by the complementary eccentric basslines and polished drum beats. Sounding sonically fresh, ‘Money’ teases a small sample of what is yet to come from Portobello.

With their formation in late 2017, Portobello disguise their newborn sound to the indie scene well; without mention of also juggling university studies alongside their music journey. Albeit they are just over a year old, Portobello are already making moves after supporting Birmingham band ‘The Clause’ in late 2018 and selling out their first headline show earlier this year.

Chloe Menesse

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