Post-Dusk – Half Past Three

A track-by-track review of the new EP from singer/songwriter and sonic auteur Ruby Smith, performing under the name Post-Dusk.

1. Overgrown : Released as an enigmatic single earlier this year, the ambient introduction gives way to a an echoing electronic drum pulse that is the heartbeat to this sensuous, relaxing track. The vocals are certainly ‘….found in a distant constellation …’ with multilayers and voicelines drifting in and out. The sustained keyboards are the reassuring presence to the end.

2. Sunburnt Cities : With a title that evokes imagery like a lost post-apocalyptic JG Ballard novel, this stately piece has a timeless quality. Here the layers of synthesisers sound like they were recorded in a cathedral, filling the vast space above. The evocative words paint pictures of love and loss, ‘…. my old friends live forever in 2013….we are frozen in time…’ Brilliant track, my favourite on this EP.

3. Natural Static : Featuring some busy electronic percussion this one moves along a bit quicker with more of a contemporary, loose vibe. Ruby’s vocal drives this one, with some jazzy stylings. The instrumentation never quite settles, which keeps you interested to the end.

4. Wildcard : Bold electronic basslines, a catchy chorus hookline, a vocal echo from a child’s voice and some guitar in there too, playing a sky soaring embellishment line through key parts of the song. This is the most immediate tune in this collection, a powerful production with depth and richness given to each instrument and of course, Ruby’s excellent voice.

Mike Wright

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