Rai Kah Mercury – I Fell In Love With A Feeling

Staffordshire band Rai Kah Mercury have recently released new single ‘I Fell In Love With A Feeling’.

The song starts out with a very heavy rock feel before mellowing as the vocals come in to play. The verses have a very 90’s feel to them. Not quite Britpop but somewhere in the ball park of bands who were probably wrongly labeled with that genre at the time. Maybe something of a mix of Primal Scream’s poppier songs and Nicky Wire-esque vocals from the few occasions he has taken the lead on a Manics song of from his own album ‘I Killed The Zeitgeist’.

‘I Fell In Love With A Feeling’ is just under 7 minutes long and the last 3 minutes of the song is purely instrumental. I was half expecting a choir to kick in with some kind of chorus a la the aforementioned Primal Scream on ‘Movin On Up’; but Rai Kah Mercury take their own direction and serve up a hefty slice of gruff guitar noodling and electrifying drum freak-out instead. Easy to imagine the song as a set closer with the band then walking off triumphantly to the howl of screaming feedback.

Give the song a listen for yourself and see what you think.


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