rauður – We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die

It’s always going to be impossible to talk about a female Icelandic singer withouth referencing Bjork in some way and one thing they always seem to have in common is a very special vocal, and that’s certainly no different with rauður, the stage name of musician and producer Auður Viðarsdóttir. rauður’s vocal is beautiful and beguiling, like an angel sent down from heaven to lead us on a wonderful journey through the duration of ‘We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die’.

We didn’t just get the angel though. She brought her friends in the form of the music. Music that last for 6 minutes and is just an absolute joy on the ears. This is not a song you are going to play and sing and dance along to. This is a song however that’s going to make you feel all is good in your life. At least for 6 minutes. Truly gorgeous.

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