Rut Sandbladh And Sounds We Make – Trouble

There is something wonderfully austere in the sound of old analog synths. Rut Sandbladh has teamed up with Sounds We Make (Tobias Dahlström) for her latest single and ‘Trouble’ has something of the tuetonic coldness in the stabbed chords and single note melody of synth legends Kraftwerk.

It’s Sandbladh’s voice that provides the human warmth however – in the same way that the Human League and Yazoo brought electronica out from the cold and into the mainstream. A crystal clear tone that threatens to break your heart as she pines for a lost love, Sandbladh leaves you in no doubt of her intent.

There’s a distinctly modern take on the percussion and drum rhythms adding further contrast. Overall ‘Trouble’ blends oddity and charm as it does cold and warmth. It all adds up to something that’s unusual yet familiar, and altogether captivating.

Trouble is released on November 22nd.