Sam Lambeth – Ten Years On Four Chords: The Best Of 2009 – 2019

So Sam Lambeth releases his best of album with the sub-title ‘the best of 09-19’ and it could’ve just as easily been 89-99!

As I settled into my evening bath with my rubber duck and my head phones Sam took me on a rollercoaster ride through his career and to be quite honest a rollercoaster ride through my teens!

This being an album of tracks from the four bands Sam Lambeth has been a part of over the last ten years it shows his many different influences and the versatility as an artist Sam possesses.

From the indie Brit pop swagger of the final track of the album, ‘Miss U’, to the pop punk sound of ‘Sixteen Vandals’, with this album Sam really is taking you on a journey of his idols and the music that defined the era that I grew up in!

At 17 tracks long I had to top the hot water up in my bath more than once but for the pleasure of the trip down memory lane it was worth the extra few pence on the gas bill!

If you’re a fan of The Verve, The Bluetones, The Smashing Pumpkins, early Blink182, Sonic Youth, Placebo then there will definitely be something on this album for you.

With such promising work over the last decade, I for one am hoping that his semi retirement doesn’t mean this is the last we hear from such an under rated talent.

Ten Years On Four Chords: The Best Of 2009 – 2019 is released on May 24th.


Martin Wilson