Scarpello – Same Love

As we struggle to maintain an understanding of the outside world swirling around us, fortunately Birmingham-based singer/songwriter Scarpello is an oasis of calm and unhurried reflection on this new song ‘Same Love’.

He has a couple of acoustic performances on his Facebook page, but this carefully crafted track takes the sound to another level with an enhanced studio production based around his versatile guitar playing. It is an abstract love song, the evocative imagery ‘……we’re floating like angels but all of our wings have been tied……..all that we’ve found through space and time well it’s you and it’s me….’ drifts in and out as the guitars change texture along with some added piano, effectively framed by bass, subtle beat and percussion.

Over the five minutes of the track there are many intricacies and interesting shifts to hear, the most surprising being when a bluesy guitar solo bursts in during the final minute before a decisive but plaintive recap of the key chorus line lingers at the end.

It is a song that is comfortable in taking its time and Scarpello has an emotive and attractive voice; in the higher registers it reminded me of the tones of acclaimed Belfast balladeer Brian Kennedy.

This is a confident and accomplished solo debut and in the words of Scarpello himself ‘Grab yourself a cuppa and find yourself somewhere comfy to sit, ‘Same Love’ is out!’

Mike Wright

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