Single Review – Jade Imagine

I have been drifting along on the floaty layers of ‘Big Old House’, the previous single from Melbourne-based dream-pop outfit Jade Imagine.

Singer Jade McInally described the genesis of the song as ‘…This song came to me in a dream. I woke up and sang the melody into my phone. It’s about holding the mirror up to yourself. There is light in the dark. Letting yourself feel okay again. Rebirth. Getting back to basics…’

Indeed, whatever the messages, it was a compelling yet soothing guitar-driven composition based around a subtly insistent recurring riff as a platform for her seamless vocals. The tone of the song reminded me of upcoming Dutch indie quartet Pip Blom. (that would make a good double bill for a live show!)

Now on the new single ‘Remote Control’ we have a more freeform piece, a loose jazzy vocal is gradually joined by the rest of the band in laid-back mode. Suddenly a ‘proper’ eighties sequencing synthesiser sound springs from nowhere to frame the chorus ‘…flicking through remote control….I just can’t let it go….’.

The lyric hints at modern ennui and lack of effort with relationships when it is easier to be absorbed by less demanding distractions. There are more surprises; a trance-like interlude of vocal gorgeousness takes the song in another direction, before the synth strides back over the horizon, this time mixed with some staccato guitar.

It is four minutes of music that really demands your attention – (put the remote control down!)

Jade Imagine release debut album ‘Basic Love’ on August 2nd. You can pre-order here.

Mike Wright