Singles Roundup

A quick look at some singles we can recommend.

‘Go Wild’, the second single from London-Berlin based Friedberg is a catchy piece of indie rock that will have you nodding your head from the first note. There’s a great 90’s feel to the song and I could see it getting regular airtime on MTV back in the days when they actually showed music videos!

This is the kind of song that launches acts to success such is the overall quality of the track. It’s so radio friendly they will probably go on vacation together. I think you are going to hear a lot more about Friedberg after this release.

Friedberg is the brainchild of former Lenny Kravitz discovery Anna F. Emily Linden, Laura Williams and Cheryl Pinero complete the lineup. Talking about ‘Go Wild’, Anna tells how a night out in London inspired the track. “I was out in the capital and was just watching the night descend into chaos, as everyone got drunker and drunker around me. I was trying to slip into the mindstate of those around me, and at that moment the line for the chorus: ‘you gotta go wild’ popped into my head. I ended up rushing home, and writing the song that night. I went into the studio with my producer Matthias Biermann and we recorded it right away”.

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‘Night Lights’ is the second single to be released from the sophomore album by North Carolina’s Day & Dream. I checked the song out after it was described as The Cure meets My Bloody Valentine, and I think that is a pretty good way to describe the track

Dreamy angelic vocals float over the top of guitars laced with enough reverb to make early 90’s shoegaze jealous. I’d say overall it’s probably leans more to the My Bloody Valentine side of things but the bassline does have a feel of The Cure about it. As someone who grew up in that era it’s certainly made me want to listen to more of Day & Dream.

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Australia’s Forrest Run are an interesting combination as the trio is made up of a hip-hop producer, Judah Winnett, an electric folk instrumentalist, Jayke Barnes, and vocalist Ayla who has previously released music under her own project.

‘Summer’ is the third and final track taken from the bands debut EP. It’s an uplifting song that combines all three elements of the band members. An electro-pop song with cool background samples adding to the sound, topped off by the funky vocals of singer Ayla. It also has a sing-along chorus that will get stuck in your head after a few listens.

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San Diego’s Street Surfers tap in to some Southern Californian beach vibes on their song ‘Dream Girl’.

‘Dream Girl’ is a surf rock track with a 60’s vibe with our protaganist hoping for the return of, well, his dream girl. Lyrically the song is quite basic but I get the feeling the band weren’t trying to be anything different with this track, instead concentrating on writing a song that will get people up on their feet on the dance floor. And there is no denying there is an infectious charm about the track. So grab your surfboard, head to the beach and have a dance before you hit the waves.

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