Singles Roundup

A quick look at some singles we can recommend.

‘Eyze’ is the new single from Virginia’s Stray Fossa and is very much in the vein of bands like Swimming Tapes with it’s hazy dream pop feel.

Despite the soothing feel of the song it’s quite downbeat as it tells of “the frustration of creating under pressure and the fleeting nature of inspiration that comes and goes before one has the chance to channel it into anything meaningfully productive” according to the band.

The shimmery guitar sounds refuse to let the song get too downhearted though and instead it becomes a pleasant lo-fi listen.

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‘Rip My Head Off’ is the new single by Broken Down Golf Cart, the pseudonym of Jen Baranick. In Jen’s own words “this song is about feeling anxious and so frustrated that you might just rip your stupid head off.”

Despite the content matter it’s a upbeat indie rock song with an extremely catchy chorus. “My hands, my heart, they fumble in the dark, you know I think I’m gonna rip my head off. My eyes, my teeth, they’re busting out the seams, you know I think I’m going to rip my head off” sings Baranick and for anyone who does suffer with anxiety they are definitely lyrics you can relate to.

The song is accompanied by a really cool video that is animated by Baranik herself. Indeed she markets herself as a visual artist and singer songwriter, which shows what a talent she is.

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If synthpop is your thing then I’m pretty sure you’ll be a fan of ‘Blue Rider’, the new single by San Francisco’s Vice Reine.

Whilst the synths hark back to a mid-80’s film soundtrack the vocals and melody have more of a 90’s dance pop feel. Overall the song shimmers along at a very relaxing pace that is very enjoyable to the ears with it’s retro vibes.

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Born in Sweden but now residing in the States IVA has released new single ‘Young’, the first song off her upcoming EP ‘Traitor’.

‘Young’ is a sweet pop tune with retro 80’s vibes, measured vocals, delicate spacious atmospheric instruments and a guitar solo that adds raw emotion.

One very interesting thing to note about IVA is that in 2015 the Vasa Order of America named her the Swedish American of the Year for her contributions to cultural exchange. Past honorees include actress Ann Margaret, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Nils Löfgren of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band.

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