Singles Roundup

A quick look at some singles we can recommend.

‘Tion’ by Western Australia’s Corniglia is a broody downbeat track that feels like it is going to explode at any particular moment. There is a dark theme throughout that has you nervously shuffling on the edge of your seat wondering where it’s going and when the song does change pace for the last minute or so it offers no respite from the melancholic feel.

‘Tion’ feels like a song with no happy ending and I like that. I need to listen to more by this Perth duo of Matthew Irwin and Chloe De Paoli.

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‘Elephant Carpets’, the new single by Birmingham’s own Genuine Panama is a funky number that is sure to get you dancing.

Taken from the bands ‘Itchy Teeth’ EP, ‘Elephant Carpets’ has a happy go lucky vibe that is perfect for your summer playlists. If you throw indie pop, jazz, a hip bass line and some cowbell in to a pot and give it a stir then this is what you end up with. It’s probably not as easy as that though to get a cool tune!

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Zuma Creek is the writing/recording project of Florida-based Musician Nathan Fugleberg. Debut single ‘Way You Feel’ is a cool indie pop tune with bags of charm. It’s a foot tapper, very radio friendly and the kind of song you would be listening to in the car on a long road trip to make you feel good.

‘Way You Feel’ is taken from Zuma Creek’s 10-track debut album that will be released on July 19th. If the rest of the album is as good as this then that’s a very exciting prospect.

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‘Stay Over’ is the final track on Nashville based Dara‘s EP ‘You Disappoint me’. At times it’s a little reminiscent of the dream pop of Hatchie and at other times it has a more 80’s dance vibe.

In the song Dara sings “I just wanna disappoint you”, but thankfully she has failed to do that with this song as personally I love it. It’s one of those songs that you never want to end and could easily listen to on a loop for hours.

Apparently as well as music Dara has had an acting career for the last 10 years, moving to L.A. from North Carolina when she was 12. So it feels a bit silly saying this but ‘Stay Over’ is the kind of song that could make her a star. It’s that good.

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