Singles Roundup

A quick look at some singles we can recommend.

New York four-piece Colatura have released a catchy song that questions the benefits of humans lying.

With an upbeat guitar riff and a sing along chorus, ‘Lying’ is perfect for your summer playlists. The song is infectious and it’s fun. And it’s hard to pin it down to one genre as there are multiple influences at play in the song.

About the track the band said “Lying came out of our struggle to understand the ways we connect in this era. Creating fake online lives to hide our loneliness and disconnection from everyone else. We are all lying in some ways. The question we tried to ask in this song is it to our benefit or demise.”

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There’s an almost Bowie-esque sound at times to the vocals of Dandy Lee Strickland, the frontman of Atlanta five-piece Reverends, and on single ‘Hi/Lo’ he uses his voice to create a sorrowful lyric over the top of what must be some of the dreamiest music in the state of Georiga.

‘Hi/Lo’ is lush in a Mazzy Star kind of way musically. The guitars are beautiful and the melancholia that washes over the track is dazzling. The song is delicate & graceful. But it’s sad. And it’s a sadness we can all relate to. But sometimes in sadness you can find strength and that’s how ‘Hi/Lo’ makes you feel. It’s ok to ache. It’s a natural part of life.

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Nashville based Fulton Lee has released a funky, soulful number in ‘Love Falls Down’.

There is a great retro 70’s feel to the song and when I discovered Fulton is just 20 years of age I’ll admit to being a little shocked. We clearly have a real talent here to be writing songs this good at such a young age.

Musically ‘Love Falls Down’ has a great jangly guitar riff that gives the song it’s good time vibes. Vocally Fulton has a great voice that is so soothing and pure. Keep an eye on this kid.

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Blushing are a quartet from Austin, Texas that are made up of two husband and wife combinations. They are also a band that makes dreamy music.

New single ‘So Many’ transports you right back to early 90’s shoegaze with it’s floating vocal and shimmery My Bloody Valentine-esque guitars. For those of us who grew up in that era, like myself, this sound is always going to bring back great memories of bands like Lush, Slowdive, Chapterhouse etc. Some acts get close to replicating the feel of that era but Blushing have absolutely nailed with ‘So Many’. Perfect.

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Finally we finish this roundup with one of Birmingham’s own in Lycio.

‘Cash’ is a groovy electro-pop track by the trio of Genie Mendez, Charlie Kellie and Alex Lowe that will get you on the dance floor in the likes of Digbeth. There’s a hell of a lot going on musically in this song and it’s really well produced. The sing-along chorus is very catchy making for a surefire hit. Special mention must go to the vocal of Mendez though who really shines on this number.

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