Stainwasher – Drying

There is something timeless in the opening sepulchral chords of ‘Drying’. It’s as if there is something almost visceral; something that we have imbibed over centuries in our DNA. It could easily be a classical piece or a hymn echoing throughout the stone walls of a church. The soft vocals are shimmering celestial apparitions adding a seamless contrast – the light in the dark, the hope that gets us through the day.

‘Drying’ is a bittersweet pill mirroring our own lives: those mornings when you wake alone in the stillness before the day begins; those early hours when feelings transcend words. Stainwasher has captured that moment in ‘Drying’ in the most breathtaking way.

When talking of the single and the upcoming album Stainwasher’ offered some further insight: “The search for some kind of context might be as fundamental as eating or sleeping, that’s why many people never get satisfied with anything, but at least they’re alive.”