Sulene – Diamond

Photo Bao Ngo

South African indie-pop songstress Sulene is a huge talent that you may have heard before without realising – she has written tunes for movies, tv adverts and been a touring guitarist. Now Sulene has turned her attention to writing her distinctive brand of pop for herself.

Sulene’s charming vocal sounds lost and alone until she breaks free “drinking whiskey neat in the August heat. Kiss our troubles away on the fire-escape”. The sprightly early 80’s synths shake off the torpor and bounce in unison with her new found freedom. Delicate and nuanced guitar melodies are spaced back in the mix but add an extra dimension and undeniable quality. Multi layered vocal chorus bear an understated hint of defiance and casual aloofness whilst maintaining the fun. Atmospheric spoken word samples sound like the half remembered voices of old friends and good times.

‘Diamond’ is a little gem all by itself, magically swirling from beginning to end, glittering in the sunlight and living in the moment.

Terri Lee