The Bergamot – Bones

Officially released on World Suicide Prevention Day, ‘Bones’ was written following a sibling’s attempt to take their own life. A difficult subject and one that may initially strike as inappropriate; but the shocking rise in suicide, particularly in young males, needs to be spoken about. This issue needs exposure, and awareness of the underlying causes raised.

Resoundingly empathetic and sensitive ‘Bones’ bravely addresses the realities of depression and despair. “It’s hard to carry a burden if you don’t have any bones.” The opening line squarely appreciates the hollow listless and debilitating nature of the condition. The vocal tone, the spacious low synths, the gentle and enveloping drumming convey a deeply perceptive compassion. ‘Bones’ builds in its intensity never losing sight of its intended purpose and supportive narrative.

It’s both tastefully and thoughtfully done. ‘Bones’ deserves to not only heard, but listened to.

Terri Lee

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