The Carousels Coming To Actress & Bishop

Friday January 25th – 7:30pm to 11pm

The Carousels

The Carousels are a 4 piece based in Birmingham and the Black Country put together by long standing friends guitarist singer songwriter Jeff Best and drummer Gavin Davies. They have been making music together in various bands and projects for 16 years. The other two band members Phil Wilkes and Niven Smith were brought in in January last year to form a tight 90s sounding British rock band to resurrect the feel good positive vibes from one of the golden ages of musical creativity in the UK. The band play original songs off Jeffs album Revolution Gonna Stop Disillusion plus new songs which Jeff wrote for his new album – to play under the band guise of The Carousels. They also play a selection of well known 90s tunes by Oasis, Charlatans, Primal Scream, Blur to offer some well known chorus lines at gigs for those who crave it.

The band have a new EP released digitally in August this year named ‘She’s All I Need’ – reviewed by Ryans Gig Guide Nick J Townsend ‘the closest you can get to Oasis reforming’.

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