The Creature Appeal – No Fun

The Creature Appeal are a four-piece indie band from the West Midlands, who cite their influences as bands like Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Jimi Hendrix. With this already eclectic mix of influences in mind, their new song ‘No Fun’ is a burst of light indie sunshine rhythm.

The song describes someone in a love triangle, as a ‘part-time lover’ whilst their partner sees someone who doesn’t treat them right. The guitar pops throughout the song, bringing to mind Darwin Deez’s upbeat instrumentals with slightly off-beat and awkward vocals. The band also cite Viola Beach as one of their influences, and this comes through in their catchy guitar twangs and deep vocals.

One of the most promising and prominent parts is Toby Turner’s (the lead singer) vocals; an earnest, hoarse ‘Just Jack’ like half-singing. The tune has been released at a great time; the summery jangles of guitars, the too-true lyrics, the chorus sucking you in.  

Their new single ‘No Fun’ is available now, and they are playing an upcoming show at The Sunflower Lounge towards the end of the month (20th July).

Ella Morriss