The Fauna – Since I Met You

Brum rockers The Fauna have released their latest ode to the bittersweet realities of finding love on all streaming platforms. Person A meets Person B and off they go into the sunshine and have a wonderful life of lollipops and rainbows. Well, not really; not real life is it? ‘Since I Met You’ wears its pragmatic heart on it’s sleeve. 90’s state-side soft-rock guitars weave unresolved chords adding a degree of sympathetic angst and texture matching the lyrical theme. The double stop phrasing gives a muted gusto to proceedings giving the song balance and character.

For lovers of guitar ballad rock; whether in the first flush of love or jaded and swearing to the heavens, you’ll stay single for the rest of your life!

The Fauna are playing a headline show on August 3rd at The Flapper in aid of Cancer Research UK. All bands are donating their ticket split to the cause. Purchase tickets here.

Terri Lee