The Gallery – Pesticide


The Gallery are a four piece from Wakefield who have just released their second single ‘Pesticide’, following on from their debut last year ‘A Safe Approach To Being’. They are building an impressive CV having supported The Academic and Pretty Vicious and even playing Kendal Calling.

The band musically draw from a myriad of influences and whilst vocally there is a touch of David Gedge or maybe a twist of Ian Brown the bands driven guitar sound has essences of rockier Arctic Monkeys tracks, they do feel like a crossbreed between The Fall and The Cribs in full throttle and there is a definite Northern edge to the band.

The song itself is an all-out tour de force and though it is a cacophony of swirling driven guitar music, it would be unfair to doubt the control the band bring to this track and yet at its heart, there is a darkness to the song and it is defiant indie rock in its rawest form. The track appears to catch the band at their liveliest best, you can feel their synergised, collective energy which confronts you unapologetically, snarling at you face to face, grabbing at your collars through your speakers and you really get the sense they mean every single note they play, every word they sing and that ultimately, this band malarkey genuinely means something to them.

Play it When:

Picture the scene, Saturday night you’re getting ready to go out but your moody, so tonight is not about wanting to ‘feel alright’ or ‘having teeth nice and clean’. Oh no, tonight you just want to get your proper head banging tunes on, get your best threads on; you play this track so loud you can get your adrenaline levels sufficiently raised before heading off for dancing whilst bouncing and thrusting a fist high into the air on a dark, sticky dance floor somewhere.

John Frazer