The Golden Age Of TV – Caught In Doors

Leeds quintet The Golden Age Of TV have released a punky number in new single ‘Caught In Doors’.

A thumping bass line, post punk-esque guitars, frantic drums and a honeyed vocal combine to make for a great song. The vocals of Bea Fletcher are actually a nice contrast to the frenetic, off-kilter music and remind at times of Elíza M Geirsdóttir from 90’s Icelandic band Bellatrix.

Simply put, ‘Caught In Doors’ is just a great song.

‘Caught In Doors’ is the feeling of being stuck in one place, struggling to move. Financially, socially, in a career – whatever it is, it’s about the need to switch up your routine or change your image. In the chorus, seeing my hair “collecting in piles” metaphors that build up of an itch for change.” – Bea Fletcher.

I’m excited to see The Golden Age Of TV when they play The Sunflower Lounge on Sunday (Nov 10th) supporting False Advertising. You can get tickets here.

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