The Last Morrell – Another Boy

Another Boy is the latest single by Yorkshire based artist ‘The Last Morrell’

The song is two and a half minutes of pure joyus heaven. The track manages to mix a blend of old school 60’s pop nostalgia with a playful and modern soulful singer-songwriter edge (Think along the lines of Tobias Jesso Jr.). The highlight of the track are those wonderful dulcet tones and impressive range , which really stand out (He’s got a very impressive vocal range), but we can’t ignore the excellent instrumentation on the track. The jazzy guitars and Pianos blend effortlessly into the background to highlight the vocals, but are also able to hold their own when needed when the artist isn’t singing. There is a wonderful almost Billy Joel like piano riff right towards the end of the track, which I must say was a delight to hear (Shame it was so short).

The Tongue in cheek lyrics fit superbly with the playful nature of the instrumentation and the artists vocal style.

The only downside in an otherwise brilliant track as eluded to before is that it could have benefited with being a bit longer as it does feel like it comes to a bit of an abrupt end. I would have liked to see the last piano riff possibly extended out a bit more and maybe also liked to see a few seconds more of piano after the last vocal.

That said though, it’s perfect listening with your morning coffee and this is sure to be one track I will have on repeat on my playlist for weeks to come.

The Last Morrell play Servant Jazz Quarters in London next week (17th Oct).

Joe Colombi