The Navettes – Asleep

Indie Midlands favourites The Navettes have recently released new single ‘Asleep’ and it’s another great song from the Manchester based five-piece.

We’ve been fortunate to have The Navettes play twice for us and one thing they always bring is infectious indie pop songs that make you want to dance, and ‘Asleep’ is no different.

With a retro 80’s sound and the sweet vocals of Abbie Stanley the track oozes with vibrancy and is set to be one of the songs of the Summer.

“Oh I was dancing on my feet when I should’ve been asleep” is a lyric everyone can relate to. Even if you’re not much of a dancer we’ve all stayed out partying/drinking when we know we should have been asleep hours ago. But when there are songs as good as this around that make you want to dance, is it really our fault for not meeting our self imposed curfew? I blame the musicians and not my lack of will power!

If you are not familiar with The Navettes then check them out as they are a band destined for big things. You can follow them on Facebook here.


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