The New Consistent – Individual Social Accounts And Commentary

Individual Social Accounts and Commentary is the debut EP from Worcester’s Ben Ramsey’s alter ego, The New Consistent. The EP sees both 2018 singles ‘3 years’ and the track the project draws its name from ‘The New Consistent’ making an appearance in Ben’s first time putting together all of his work into a longer format.

The EP has a delicately light sound throughout which is beautifully uplifting despite some darkness within the lyrical content and the somewhat downbeat trademark delivery and whilst it’s Ramsay who allows us a glimpse into his world this undoubtedly aspires to be the soundtrack to your Summer.

Opener ‘The Runaway Mind’ is a real stripped back, languid piece of modern social commentary delivered in Ramsay’s trademark Midland drawl with a rather pleasantly surprisingly upbeat keyboard backed track which, like every track on the EP, is exceptionally well produced to tease out the best in Ramsay’s unique delivery.

Track two is ‘Greta Oto’ which is a slow intense song with a great sadness at its heart but its positioning in the EP is perfectly placed as next up is; ‘3 years’, an old friend as it is a single I reviewed last year and to me it is still the stand out track on the collection – it’s an exceptional piece of music which can be as equally appreciated on a biting cold Sunday morning, or a warm giddy Saturday night, such is its appeal as a beautifully mellow, exquisitely paced piece of music.

The penultimate track is the title track for the project ‘The New Consistent’ and sees Ramsay break into song! This really is such a warm tune which would not be out of place at the end of a proper British Rom-com, albeit where the hero didn’t get the girl.

Final Track is the fantastically titled ‘Petrol Station Flowers’ and almost sees Ramsay break into song for a second time – this certainly builds beautifully on top of the rest of the EP but it works and feels like the most epic track on the record and demonstrates a possible insight into a potential different direction for the future?

Play it When;

Play it in the Sun with a bottle in your hand either with it playing subtlety in the background or on your own with your earphones plugged in so you can find in the inner beauty inside each track. After all Ramsay bears his soul with his earnest lyrics on every track so the very least you could do is give his music a chance to make an impression on yours.

John Frazer

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