The Paranoyds – Carnage Bargain

A cool track from a very cool band; Los Angeles quartet The Paranoyds have distilled every essential ingredient of indie garage rock into ‘Carnage Bargain’, two and a half minutes of pop perfection and a taster of a new album due soon.

A follow up to the memorably named ‘Girlfriend Degree’ (which is itself a fine relentless set of chords with some neat lyrical twists), this track surpasses that with its overpowering deep bass riff, an insouciant vocal delivery and a killer chorus. The band do an instrumental response to each vocal line in the verses and when it appears the retro keyboard is satisfyingly high in the mix, reminiscent of some of the greater moments of the B-52s.

The band name stems from an acknowledgement that ‘your phone, your TV, your computer – who (or what) is watching you?’, but luckily this does not stop them from fully engaging in the digital world to spread the word about their excellent music.

Did I mention that the video is extremely cool too?

Mike Wright