Tourists – Align

Brighton band Tourists return with their first release in two years in single ‘Align’.

The first thing that will grab your attention on ‘Align’ is the great guitars. The bass line thumps away underneath them to be joined by very post punk vocals. In a way it feels like the music and vocals should belong to different songs given the guitars are quite upbeat whilst the vocal is dark sounding, but it works perfectly. The synths also help to drive the melody.

The final minute of the song sees the drums really pick the beat up as the song comes to a great climax.

Talking about the track the bands Tom Wilkinson had the following to say:

“‘Align’ follows the idea of somebody mastering their own inner spirit to command others. We feel this track really reflects our main musical influences – the deep-rooted post-punk element coupled with 80s synth/dark-pop. As we played it more it took on a life of its own, getting heavier with more dynamics, and a dramatic, driving ending.”

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