Transit Club – Garden & Pretend

In this review we are are actually covering the first two singles by Stockholm based Transit Club, an alt-pop collective fronted by Canadian born musician Steve Motion.

Debut single ‘Garden’ is a pleasant low-key pop song with bags of radio potential. It’s a little sad but at the same time hopeful. The acoustic guitar with the sound of the fingers moving up and down the frets adds an authentic feel to the vibe of the song.

Transit Club then followed up ‘Garden’ with second single ‘Pretend’. Again the mainstream radio potential really stands out. ‘Pretend’ is the more sprightly of the two songs. A little funkier, the chorus is definitely more upbeat. Where as ‘Garden is a perfect lazy Sunday morning track, ‘Pretend’ is a song you’d listen to whilst getting ready to go out the night before.

Both tracks set Transit Club out as a band to keep an eye on though.

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