Transit Club – Go.Flow

Swedish-Canadian indie pop act Transit Club return with their fourth single ‘Go.Flow’.

‘Go.Flow’ is a dreamy synthpop tune with a touch of melancholia. It’s perfectly paced creating a relaxing chilled vibe. The vocals are soft and tender adding extra appeal to the already beautiful music. The beats keep the track from becoming too downbeat, offering a nice balance and helping to make ‘Go.Flow’ another perfect pop song from Transit Club.

Frontman Steve Motion had the following to say about the song:

“I think ‘Go.Flow’ is my first honest break up song. I sought out to write a chorus that would make just as much emotional sense following a hopeful 1st verse, as it would a pensive 2nd verse, and a heartbroken bridge. The song thematically grows from positive and naive, to bitter and distraught. Sure, ok, let’s just go with the flow, lose control, and do nothing to make this work.

‘Go.Flow’ is a passive aggressive acceptance of letting two people drift apart, ignoring the urgency of the situation, instead of facing feelings head-on. Musically I’m really excited about Agnes Jensen’s vocals (especially during the bridge) that cry out with me in harmony.

I’m really proud of the vocals on this song in general. We were sonically really inspired by the indie band The Japanese House when recording this song. ‘Go.Flow’ makes me feel melancholic and sad but also really confident and cool at the same time. If that makes sense haha?”

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