Tummyache – Common Place

Singer Soren Bryce sports a rather painful looking black eye on the cover. And whilst I sincerely hope this was the result of a minor accident you can’t deny the combative undercurrent in her vocal at times. She switches the tonal vibes and character over the course of ‘Common Place’ in the most inciting way – flirtatious one moment, withdrawn and distant the next; a disarmingly sweet charm is followed by accusatory indignation. Musically ‘Common Place’ burbles with its own ominous agitation before settling uneasily in tempered euphoria. The build up is rapturous and visceral, and the songs denouement is Bryce’s echoing cry in the wilderness. Quite breathtaking.

‘Tummyache’ is taken from the debut E.P. ‘Humpday” and is New Yorker Soren Bryce’s very personal attempt to put meaning into existential anxiety and find sense in life. If the lead single is anything to go by, it will be quite the journey.

Terri Lee